Friday, November 15, 2013

Life after death PROVEN! .. Again.

Professor Robert Lanza proves life after death using physics. Jesus took the experiment to the next level and Zeppelin did it with music. Linky

VLC Video Player Now support HEVC and VP9 and its FREE

VideoLAN, a non-profit organization based in France that releases VLC as open-source software.
Linky from CNET.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Best Time Travel Video Ever

This animated time-travel videos mathematically recreates the weird world of Gödel's universe.
Great video from New Scientist TV. I swear I saw the Army of the 12 Monkey in there.

Calibrate your NEW HD TV pre Superbowl with THX app

Have an iPhone 4S or newer and an Appletv2 or newer. Then you can calibrate your HDTV to THX standards. Well at least the Brightness contrast color tint and aspect ratio. Brightness alone can be a huge help.
The free app from THX labs. Provides instructions images and even filters. I was really impressed that now you can calibrate you Apple TV input. I will provide a detailed instructions for Samsung LED LCD TV later this week. Until then get a good start using this app. Here is a link to a walkthrough from THX.

Samsung 46 " Black LED 1080P 120HZ HDTV - UN46EH6000 (Google Affiliate Ad)