Monday, February 20, 2012

9000 song google music upload DONE!

This month I am trying to back up all my important files to the cloud. So far I have uploaded most of my 10000 song music library. I used apple match for a 20 dollar a year fee that matches most of my music files with a 256k bit rate apple file located on apples cloud servers. I also used google musics FREE back up of 20000 songs. Unlike apples service google actually requires you to upload your DRM free content to its servers. 9000 songs took me a little over a week. I have a 1000k upload pipe on my cable modem. Also I had to stop the service at times when I was home as the upload killed all my streaming and web surfing on other devices. Another advantage of the Free google service is that it streams the audio to your mobile device while Apple for now requires you to download it to plays it. Next step attempt to upload my 20GB of photos then on to video files. Of course I will update here!
Google Music
iTunes Match

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