Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watch the olympics on AppleTV for the cord cutters

Having cut the cable sat cord over 3 years ago. I am really enjoying the savings and not really missing anything from the Cable Sat providers expect. SPORTS live sports. I miss ESPN and out of town NFL games. Looks like I will not be missing the Olympics! As they will be broadcast live on youtube which means I SHOULD be able to watch using my AppleTV but you never know what those greedy Network execs might be up to. So I will be using my trusty youtube mozilla plug in to download the youtube video files from my MAC should the youtube channel be blocked on AppleTV. Then I will use apple compressor to convert to AppleTV format for ONDEMAND HD video and audio of the 2012 Olympics so look out womens weight lifting/gymnastics  here I come.
Link to youtube channel for team USA.
Link to firefox youtube downloader
Huge Gymnist. This Gymnist is so buff!

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