Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Google patent hints at way to avoid curb-to-home digging for ultra-fast Internet

Google Inc. has filed a patent for an edging device, similar to decorative wall molding, that could help it reduce digging as it works to run fiber optic wire to homes in Kansas City.
A patent application obtained by the online trade journal FierceCable suggests the device could speed the deployment of the search giant’s plans for ultra fast Internet service.
fiber optic cable

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/02/28/3456719/google-patent-hints-at-way-to.html#storylink=cpy#storylink=cpy

Re-Tweeted: Twitter sells years of everyone's old, vanished Tweets to online marketing companies

Twitter opened up its archive of Tweets for sale to online marketing companies sparking a new storm over privacy of users of social media.
After doing a deal with Twitter, Datasift has become the first company to offer its business partners the chance to rifle through 24 months of people's Tweets from the site.
More than 1,000 companies have joined a waiting list to use the marketing goldmine, compiled from around 250 million Tweets a day.
Normal people can only access a few days' worth of Twitter's history.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2107693/Bitter-tweet-Twitter-throws-open-years-everyones-Tweets-online-marketing-companies.html#ixzz1nhOtbaPG

Waterproof mobiles make a splash

Barcelona, Spain (CNN) -- The ability to work inside a fish tank is not high on most people's wish lists when it comes to buying a new smartphone.
But at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, several major manufacturers were putting the waterproof credentials of their devices ahead of more conventional selling points such as processor power.
<br/>Waterproof Fujitsu devices sit submerged in a fish tank.

Fix HandBrake DVD ripping if you've installed VLC 2.0

We’ve long loved HandBrake, the free, open-source for ripping DVDs. But if you’ve upgraded to the recently-released VLC Player 2.0, you may have encountered a HandBrake problem.

Public Wi-Fi On Your Cell Phone Will Soon Stop Being Such A Pain To Use

Imagine never having to fiddle with passwords to get your phone or tablet onto a hotel's Wi-Fi. Imagine Pandora automatically jumping from 3G to a local hotspot without missing a beat.These are some of the promises that Cisco is making with a new Wi-Fi technology it introduced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Cisco is releasing a the first Wi-Fi access point to use a new technology called Hotspot 2.0.Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/public-wi-fi-on-your-cell-phone-will-soon-stop-being-such-a-pain-to-use-2012-2#ixzz1ngoIunN5

How to Choose the Right Shutter Speed

Taking good photographs isn’t just about buying the most expensive camera available. Whether you’re a wedding photographer or an amateur looking to turn professional, it’s important that you understand shutter speed and how it can affect the photos you take.
Read more: http://www.digital-photography-school.com/how-to-choose-the-right-shutter-speed#ixzz1ngnVVqIF
Wedding Photography.jpg

Apple developing new audio file format to offer 'adaptive streaming'

Format will provide high- or low-quality files to iCloud users

Apple is working on a new audio file format that will offer "adaptive streaming" to provide high- or low-quality files to users of its iCloud service.
The new format could mean that users can get "high-definition" audio by downloading to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Alternatively, it could offer a streaming service – like that of Lala.com, the music streaming and online storage company, which Apple acquired late in 2009.

Monday, February 27, 2012

No more helmet head

‘Hemet hair’ is a condition caused by high humidity ironing of the hair under a compressive helmet. The Airhead increases air ventilation to reduce perspiration while creating air space for the hair. The Airhead is easy to fit, anti-static, anti-bacterial and non-allergenic. The new Airhead comes in many different colours and styles to suit your lifestyle.

Four-Year-Old Girl Sells Her Own Artwork Online -- Here's How

It only took Madelyn about 15 minutes to set up her store, after she picked some pictures and pulled her drawings from the iPad.
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/four-year-old-girl-sells-her-own-artwork-online-heres-how-2012-2#ixzz1nceyCn00

Grandma drawing

Caught father and son involved in £1million plot to sell rare stolen guitars

father and son who were involved in a £1million plot to sell rare guitars stolen from Italy have been sentenced.
Rick and Justin Harrison, who owned music shops across Britain, were caught following an international police inquiry when 157 guitars were stolen from an Italian collector in 2006.
Thirty of the guitars - worth £170,000 - were traced back to the Harrisons’ Yorkshire-based business, Music Ground.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2107289/Posh-music-shop-owners-hob-nobbed-celebrity-clients-convicted-1million-stolen-guitar-plot.html#ixzz1ncVbWtLE

Mistake: Following the thefts Mr Adda emailed a list of the stolen guitars to traders across the world., then Music Ground sent out an email offering a 1964 Stratocaster guitar, similar to one above, for sale at £38,500

FAKE Nikon filters out now.

How to Tell a Difference Between a Genuine and Counterfeit Nikon Lens Filter.

Newly Discovered Space Rock Is Headed Toward Earth, Estimated Time of Arrival 2040

All eyes are on the asteroid Apophis, but a new threat--just 460 feet wide--dominated the conversation at a recent meeting of the UN Action Team on near-Earth objects (NEOs). Known as 2011 AG5, the asteroid could well be on a collision course with Earth in 2040, and some are already calling on scientists to figure out how to deflect it.

23 Magical Photographs To Believe That Are Not Photoshopped

As there are hundreds of posts available on the internet about photoshop and photo manipulation. But our today’s post is really different than those. In this post we are listing another set of 23 Magical Photographs To Believe That Are Not Photoshopped. 
Read more: http://www.smashingapps.com/2009/02/05/23-magical-photography-to-believe-that-are-not-photoshopped.html#ixzz1nbOPf6eX
Fish eyes

Build a TV Antenna from a Soda Can

Even though they're not expensive, it's never fun to run out and purchase an over-the-air antenna. If you're looking to patch one together on your own, Make user Rich Reynolds shows how to do it for less than $10 by attaching a soda can to a transformer
Build a TV Antenna from a Soda Can

Next-gen Intel 'Ivy Bridge' chip delayed

The highly anticipated Intel chip slated for the next crop of ultrabooks has been delayed, an Intel executive tells the Financial Times.
Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-57385521-64/next-gen-intel-ivy-bridge-chip-delayed/#ixzz1nanaSQQw

How To Use Google To Predict Netflix's Customer Growth

Our analysis of Google search data indicates while Google searches for “Netflix” were up strongly since 2008, 1Q12 data indicates searches are approximately flay y/y. Historically, we have seen a 95% correlation in gross sub growth and search activity.    For 2012 and 2013, we currently expect Netflix to add 5.1 million and 5.6 million paid streaming subs, though incremental adds could prove more challenging given increasing competition and rule of large numbers.
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/hot-to-use-google-to-predict-netflixs-customer-growth-2012-2#ixzz1nanIdtOa

Best Buy and eBay CEOs tell mobile operators they need to change

CEOs of mega-retailer Best Buy and online auction giant eBay say that wireless carriers need to open their networks and offer simpler data plans.
Read more: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13970_7-57385663-78/best-buy-and-ebay-ceos-tell-mobile-operators-they-need-to-change/#ixzz1namq3vwD

3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devastation ahead

NEW YORK – Behind the mainstream Wall Street happy talk about more stable financial markets and an improving economy are grim warnings of tough times ahead from a small cadre of doomsayers who warn that the worst of the financial crisis is still to come.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, why do they? Glasses have been around for literally hundreds of years, and yet, in most cases, a pair of high-quality frames and lenses will cost more than a brand new iPhone.

Tosy DiscoRobo

Great moves from this little disco robot.

Chill: It's Like Pinterest For Video

Pinterest has been blowing up all over the Internet. Pinterest is focused on images, although you can pin videos too. Chill however is a video-only pinboard site, which is its differentiation.

Standards leader blasts HTML5 video copy protection

Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML standard, declares that a DRM Web video from Microsoft, Google, and Netflix would be unethical and ineffectual.
Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-57384129-264/standards-leader-blasts-html5-video-copy-protection/#ixzz1nJNQuipS

Apple getting ready to ditch the iPhone, iPad dock connector

We’ve heard that Apple is getting ready to ditch the dock connector as it’s currently sized and implemented on iPods, iPhones, and iPads. The reason isn’t anything political, like a new desire to conform to an outdated micro-USB standard, but typically Apple: to save space inside the iPhone 5 for what are now more important components.

iPad 3 announcement March 7, quad-core, possible 4G LTE

According to sources who have been reliable in the past, Apple currently plans to hold their iPad 3 announcement on Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Along with the 2048×1536 Retina display, the iPad 3 will feature a quad-core Apple A6 system-on-a-chip, and possibly 4G LTE networking.
http://www.imore.com/2012/02/13/ipad-3-announcement-march-7-quadcore-4g-lte/ipad 3 release date

Eagle owl at 1000 frames per Second towards a camera

Great video of an owl flying.

Apple wants to reinvent keyboards

Apple's interest in reinventing the keyboard was revealed in a new patent application discovered this week by AppleInsider. Entitled "Single Support Lever Keyboard Mechanism," it describes a handful of ways that a keyboard could be shrunk in size without affecting its performance.

Netflix shares fall on worries about big new rival

Netflix's stock dropped 5 percent Wednesday amid worries that the Internet video service's subscriber growth will dwindle and licensing fees will rise now that cable-TV provider Comcast is offering an alternative plan to its customers.
Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2012/02/22/national/a111507S25.DTL#ixzz1nJI1iBq5

How long do TVs last?

The first thing we need to discuss is what manufacturers mean by "lifespan." This doesn't mean that after a certain amount of use, the TV will just stop working. This rating has nothing to do with parts or warranty coverage. Most manufacturers don't even mention lifespan on their Web sites.

Read more: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33199_7-57383293-221/how-long-do-tvs-last-morrisons-mailbag/#ixzz1nJGLhmhx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mastering Panning – Photographing Moving Subjects

Panning is a technique that can produce amazing results (if you perfect it…. or get lucky) but is also one that can take a lot of practice to get right.
Read more: http://www.digital-photography-school.com/mastering-panning-to-photograph-moving-subjects#ixzz1nEZKcVE2


Cool key ring.

AR Drone 2.0 Ships in May!

Get all the details below and check out our hands-on video flying the AR.Drone 2.0 right off our New York office roof!New controls include a Flip feature, which causes the drone to do a barrel roll or a loop in the air. In Absolute Control mode, the user doesn’t have to worry about the orientation of the drone as it relates to the controls. This means that regardless of the direction the drone is pointed, if you want it to turn left relative to your position, it will turn left.

Google Music not living up to expectations

I personally think its working GREAT. This guy at cnet does not.
Google's managers have told counterparts at the labels that customer adoption and revenue are below what they expected, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the talks.

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-31001_3-57383531-261/google-music-not-living-up-to-expectations-exclusive/#ixzz1nEDLsACZ

Adobe Beats the dead horse flash a little more.

While Jobs LOL from wherever he is.
This document provides an overview of the Adobe Flash runtimes and a roadmap for their development. The primary goal is to provide guidance as well as insight into Adobe's current thinking and plans around core Flash functionality contained within Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR over a time frame of the next one to two years.

50 Time Saving Photoshop Actions for Enhancing Photos

Adjusting and enhancing photos in Photoshop can involve a lot of trial and error, and be very time consuming. Thankfully their are actions to make our job easier. Here are 50 excellent Photoshop actions that can add professional looking enhancements to your photos with the click of a button. There are a few links below that contain more than one action
Photoshop Actions

Free Gorillaz song download from Converse

A monster of a collab, a beast of a track.
Converse’s newest 3 Artists, 1 Song titled “DoYaThing” gets freakish as it brings together the perfect cocktail of Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy.

Hope You're Happy, Obama! This 'Do Not Track' Button Is Going To Make Content More Expensive For Consumers

A consortium of Web companies, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, has agreed to include "Do Not Track" buttons in Web browsers going forward.
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/hope-youre-happy-obama-this-do-not-track-button-is-going-to-make-content-more-expensive-for-consumers-2012-2#ixzz1nE2vCE9I

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iOS 5 Security Flaw Lets Anyone View Your Contacts or Recent Calls

Apple’s iOS devices have seen plenty of passcode-related security flaws in the past. iPhoneIslam (via Macgasm) points out a new security flaw that could allow anyone with access to your phone, a paperclip, and a fair bit of patience to view your call history, or even see your entire address book. I recommend pushing forward to about 2:40 in the below video to save yourself some time.

Is Einstein Right? Error Could Account For Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos

A spokesman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research confirmed the error to The Associated Press today. The AP reports that James Gillies says only other experiments planned for later this year will confirm whether the problem affected the results.

Google giving stronger signal of TV service for Kansas City

Google Inc. has sent an ever clearer signal that it could be bringing a TV service to the Kansas City market.

Google Fiber Kansas City: Cable Hanging Begins Today

Refile://localhost/Users/mikehellings/Desktop/112885753_d9b00b4d3d_m.jpgGoogle Fiber Kansas City: Cable Hanging Begins TodayGoogle Fiber Kansas City: Cable Hanging Begins TodayaGoogle Fiber Kansas City: Cable Hanging Begins Todayd more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/02/22/3444862/google-giving-stronger-signal.html#storylink=cpy

WD Sentinel DX4000 Streaming digital media first look

Stream digital media anywhere in your network
With the built-in DLNA media server your employees can access any shared media libraries on the network rather than maintaining copies on their individual computers. You can also stream digital content like videos, music or digital signage for employees, vendors or clients using remote web access.

Apple vs. Facebook: Why users are the losers

Apple's distaste for Facebook became apparent with last week's preview release to developers of Mountain Lion, the newest version of Apple's OS for computers. The OS includes a slew of new apps (Game Center, Reminders, Notes) and new features (Gatekeeper, Notification Center). What it doesn't include is Facebook integration--a baked-in connection to Facebook that would make it easier for Apple users to share more on the world's largest social network.
Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-33617_3-57381092-276/apple-vs-facebook-why-users-are-the-losers/#ixzz1n7mD5VzI

Going up Construction firm aims at space elevator in 2050

Why is the US not doing this?
It may be possible to travel to space in an elevator as early as 2050, a major construction company has announced.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Using existing coax wiring to deliver both television and Internet content to connected TVs

I bet you need at least two hands to count the number of devices you have connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network: desktop and laptop computers, connected TVs and media players, smartphones, tablets and video game consoles, all competing for bandwidth. Scattering Wi-Fi signal repeaters around the house cannot adequately solve the problems of buffering video and dead zones. However, the solution may already exist, hidden behind the walls. The same coaxial cables you use to receive cable or satellite television service can also deliver high speed Internet to your Internet-connected devices, while saving you and your television service provider money.
Read more: http://blog.ce.org/index.php/2012/02/21/home-coax-networking-improves-performance-reduces-costs-for-consumers-and-content-providers/#ixzz1n3bmfsXQ

Best way to Stream Video to iPad for FREE.

Recently, when my Boxee remote went missing I went to download a remote app for the iPad so I could queue up a new movie I had been itching to watch. I accidentally downloaded not a remote app, but Boxee’s relatively new iPad app to stream video. What an awesome mistake!

Start Developing iOS Apps Today step by step

Hey its easy. Everyone is doing it. WRONG. anyways heres a good place to start thanks to apple.
image: ../Art/start_developing.png

Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus featuring SmartMotion

Just ordered a Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus featuring SmartMotion for lecture capture. looking to replace the laser pointer with one we can capture on to mediasite lecture capture system. Of course I will let you know results.

Apple bringing Macs to the living room with AirPlay for Mountain Lion

Apple plans to break down the barriers between the Mac and HDTVs with its forthcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion operating system update, which will bring the AirPlay Mirroring feature currently found on iOS to the Mac.

Enable the Debug Feature in iCal for 24 additional options.

iCal has a hidden debug menu with 24 additional options and features that can be accessed with the help of a defaults write command.
iCal Debug Menu

New iPad app from Fender let you take Beatles George Harrison's guitars for a spin.

In its spring issue, Guitar Aficionado highlights the upcoming iPad app, The Guitar Collection: George Harrison. The new app was the brainchild of Harrison’s son, Dhani, and will allow users the opportunity to spin the guitars and zoom in on them for a dynamic and interactive experience.