Monday, May 21, 2012

How to migrate your websites from Apple me.

Good article on how to move your website to a new hosting service. See my other post about 5 best hosting companies.

  1. Open iWeb '09 and click the name of the site you want to publish in the left sidebar. The Site Publishing Settings window appears.
  2. In the Site Publishing Settings window, choose FTP Server from the Publish to drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Site name (optional).
    • Contact email (optional).
    • FTP server address (provided by your web hosting service).
    • User name for publishing to your web hosting service.
    • Password.
    • Directory and path (if required by your web hosting service).
    • Protocol and port (if required by your web hosting service).
  4. Click the Test Connection button to make sure you have entered your information correctly.
  5. Enter the URL for your website.
  6. Click the Publish Site button. 

CCD What is it video

Bill tears down a CCD camera to show just what a charge coupling device is and does.

5 Best web hosting companies by lifehacker

Lifehacker poll on best web hosting.
Five Best Web Hosting Companies

Monday, May 14, 2012

Water frozen in time video trick.

Cool video made by running water through tube taped to audio speaker. Set your cameras shutter speed to match frequency of speaker. Bam cool video.

How to recalibrate your iPhone Home button.

When you have to push that home button a couple times for it to close an app. Here is a quick fix.
As soon as you see it, press the home button and keep it pressed until the red slider disappears and the app is forced quit to the home menu.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Big guitar amp sound without big cash.

Here’s one solution for getting killer tones on the road that won’t axe murder your budget: learn to get the most out of cheap amplifiers. A cheap amp won’t have fancy turns like point-to-point hand-wiring, state-of-the-art speakers, or even, necessarily, the best tubes, but with some modifications and patience, they can bark, snarl and purr similar to fancy best-in-shows. Or at least close enough for rock ’n’ roll.

Multi-Dimensional Audio next step in home theater

SRS labs are working out the next step in surround sound. MDA Multi-Dimensional Audio.
Looks like you still need at least 6 speakers. I am waiting for the day when you can do it with lasers hitting a wall. NO SPEAKERS.
MDA Main

May the fourth be with you. Top 10 star wars homemade cars.

Top ten homemade star wars cars.
Star Wars Sandcrawler from Tatooine

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Shoot the SuperMoon this weekend Biggest Full Moon of the Year

Get your tele lens out as the SUPERMOON is out this weekend. Biggest full moon of the year.
Here is a quick link about the lunar event.
Here are 2 good links on how to photograph the Moon.

RIM Hires a flash Mob to chant nonsense @ The Apple Store

Dear Rim- Your engineered gorilla marketing is as crappy as your OS. Here is a quick video of Rim behaving badly. Its sad to think there must have been at least 50 marketing meetings over this but hey some out of work actors got a new black shirt and some drinking money maybe a free lunch out of the deal.