Monday, June 18, 2012

Good HD antenna Review for Suburban Cable Cutters

First thing you have to realize if you cut the cable is that you will NO LONGER GET ESPN. I do find that watching games that are not televised locally like Monday night Football is a good excuse to get out of the house and head to the local sports bar. If you are OK with the lack of no local sports then cutting the cable can save you hundreds a year. I cut the cable about 4 years ago. One of the first purchases made was a solid TV antenna. I currently use the ClearStream2™ Outdoor Long-Range Digital TV (DTV) Antenna. I purchased the antenna from Best buy for $ 99.00 that way if it did not work ( LIKE MANY HD ANTENNA DO NOT) I could quickly take it back. The antenna came with mount and brackets. I did need to purchase some coaxial cable and connectors. For most of my cabling I tried to use the existing cable from the directv install. I found the Sat cable runs were to long for my antenna so I ended up just running my own coax. Most of the stations are under 30 miles from me and I get them great. I do however have some issues with some channels when the wind is blowing hard. For a mount I used the existing directv mount on the roof. You might need a antenna amplifier if you are going to go to more then 1 display and more the 50 feet of cable. Either I am saving big money but the local cable/ internet company keeps jacking those that just use the broadband service and chose not to bundle. Hurry up Google fiber!

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